Exosome Therapy: What is it? And is it Worth it?

Eda Obey
8 min readAug 26, 2020

After decades of chronic pain, I decided to try cellular therapy and this was my experience.

Treatment pamphlet image and author getting a sonogram at Restore Med Clinic

If I had to pinpoint when and where my chronic back pain began I’d put money on my fall in 1998. I twisted both ankles, broke my right leg, and twisted my low back. Was I in a terrible car accident? Was I hit by a train? Nope, one morning while walking my dog, I stepped on the edge of an industrial storm drain and crippled myself. The fact I spilled my coffee all over myself doing it just added insult to injury.

The right elbow pain developed during my 22 years as a dedicated massage therapist. I specialize in pain reduction, scar tissue mobilization, post-oncology (cancer) support, and long term care. The chronic pain in my right elbow traveled to my wrist and it got so bad that I couldn’t carry my dog’s poop bag in my right hand, because I couldn’t pinch my forefinger and thumb together for more than 30 seconds without excruciating pain. He’s only weighs 32 lbs. The bag was not that heavy.

My grip was jacked. If my right wrist was twisted outward, I lost all strength and dropped what I was holding. Things were dropping out of my hand if I didn’t concentrate on holding them. I knew I was doing long term damage to myself, but I didn’t know how to heal. When was I going to find the time to take three months off of work to heal? Then we had a pandemic which was lucky for me. Sort of; silver lining and all.

I’d gone to a pain consult in February at Restore Med Clinic. We discussed treatment and pricing. They did sonograms on my right elbow and low back. They found lesions on both sides of my elbow and inflammation in my left sacral iliac joint. I took every pamphlet they gave me and listened closely to the process. Exosomes are what stem cells secrete when activated. They carry no DNA, so there is less chance of rejection. Unlike exosomes, stem cells have DNA, and the body can reject stem cells the way it can reject a kidney. Imagine how awful that would be if a body were infused with it. It would be everywhere with the body screaming to get it out. Hard pass. I decided I was going with the exosome therapy.

Exosomes are like a cellular radio crew; they are the unprinted building blocks of the body, like cellular Legos. They get in there, receive the…

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